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Because a short video is sometime more clear than a long bunch of text.

What is it?

HK Family NFT is an art project started by two tattoo artists, one illustrator, a developer and a scenography advisor.

Inspired by the capabilities of the NFT technologies, they created together a generative algorithm that allowed to blend their artistic styles to create unique random art pieces based on the association of dozens of layers drawn by the three artists around five portraits of female icons. The team made sure that the algorithm had not done anything wrong and the artists even tweaked the final result so that they (and you) would be fully satisfied!

The generated art is purchasable on this site: the purchase of an original or a copy gives you the right to receive a physical copy signed by the artists, numbered, and engraved with the corresponding blockchain transaction address.

Holding originals or copies of these works also entitles you to royalties in the form of crypto-currency when subsequent copies are purchased. A section is dedicated to this mechanic on this page.

The 'smart-contract' describing this distribution is released as open source and searchable on Etherscan.

Financial Mechanics


The first originals are sold for 0.100Currency Eth icon, and the price of originals increases by 10% every 5 originals sold after the presale period. The algorithm for generating originals guarantees that they will all be unique, which is why the number of originals that it will be possible to generate is limited to 100.

Holding an original automatically entitles you to a fixed commission of 30% on the sale of all copies of that original. These commissions are paid automatically with each sale of a copy to the original owner's account.


The first copy of each original is sold for 0.050Currency Eth icon. To limit the number of copies in circulation, each copy costs 50% more than the previous copy.

Owning at least one copy of an original work entitles you to a 30% commission distributed equitably among all copy holders. Therefore, the third copy of a work sold will incur a commission of 30% of its purchase price divided equally between the holders of the two previous copies. Again, these commissions are paid automatically with each sale of a copy to the account of the owner of the previous copies.

Secondary Marketplace

As with any NFT, a secondary market is available, including on Open Sea. These secondary markets allow you to get your hands on an existing original, or to choose one in particular. They also allow you to buy copies, but first make sure that the price of a copy on the primary market (this site) is not less expensive. A 10% commission on these resales will go back to the artists.

Prints and physical copies

Owning an original or a copy gives you the right to order a physical print numbered and signed by the artists, this print will be delivered to the address of your choice via the dedicated section of this site.

This print is also engraved with the transaction number associated with the matching token. The print is delivered with its certificate of authenticity.

Format: 31cm/41cm
Paper: 300g/m2

Please note: only one physical print order is possible per NFT, so remember to check if it has been ordered if you purchased an original or a copy on a secondary market.


The art in the Inkers NFT collection are purchased with Ether (Currency Eth icon), a crypto-currency, in order to purchase and use it, you can use the Metamask browser extension, available at, or use which allows you to use a credit card to buy ether directly from this website.


This project probably couldn't have happened without the inspiring Euler Beats.